My Food Photography

To whom it may concern, I care deeply about food photography. I am obsessed with well presented blogs, so I try to develop my own to become a good looking, mouth watering, humble portrait of my recipe tryouts.

I have been figuring out how DSLR cameras works since summer 2014, so lot of interneting involved, plus plenty of books and articles to get me going. By far, the best that has helped me, is some youtube tutorials – and then I go grab my camera and go test it somewhere, on something.

Anyone can take good photos, but it is a hard working hobby with lots of time in front of your computer, if you are a RAW type of person. Lot’s of editing is a must, but greater quality is achieved.

Since this is a non profitable hobby, I try to curb my enthusiasm about buying camera related equipment. I do not own artificial lighting equipment, let alone a studio, so all of my projects are fundamentally based on natural lighting, outside or close to a window. I never photograph food at night, which limits my project’s time span and availability to pursue it every day – this is why I have committed to posting at least once a week.

Something very important when prepping food for a *say cheese* moment is the props. It’s like the make up artist who enhances everything good about the ingredients, the recipe and the occasion. From a simple tea towel, to an antique plate, a handful of freshly picked herbs or a wood spoon, everything counts into harmonizing that plate to pixel moment. With a creative setting, colors and textures are easy to match and combine with the concoction, without it overwhelming the scenario – after all, the food is still the star character.


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