Who is Mel?

Epicureans, science foodies and hungry people – olá!
So, I am Mel, and my journey started in 2011 when I decided to enroll in Cookery and Food Production in Portugal. I was born american, but grew up in the Algarve (southern PT region), so I get the best of two worlds I both call home. I’m a foodaholic, definitely own more cook books than shoes, and want to show the world the best of portuguese cuisine.As for my upcoming quest in writing this blog, I’m just enjoying food in every possible way. My blog has been up and running since June 2014 and my goals are to practice my english writing (portuguese is my forté), pursue and marry two of my fave hobbies (cooking and photography) and just have fun with my professional choice. Besides being the cliché european foodie, I am also a nutrition lover and a science geek who becomes easily amused with all ingredients potential and diversity – and I would love to share this wisdom with any person who is also interested in knowing exactly how and why the cookie crumbles!
As a college student, and in my final year of culinary school, specially when the last semester was all about nutrition, food science and dietetics, I suppose it is my cosmic duty to spread my wisdom, and also my experiences.
I will sometimes talk about my bacon obsession, maybe an ice cream craze, and once in a while let you know my latest culinary tryouts and results. Don’t panic, I will surely post a few nutritious recipes and ingredients, as all the associated benefits of their consumption. Also some decadent delights. Many of them!
Today I realize how lucky I am for being introduced to the Mediterranean diet so early, and especially for attending culinary school in Estoril for three years, I have become the real, authentic European foodie, who besides loving the occasional burger, prefers a juicy sardine drenched in olive oil, on a slice of home made rustic bread, accompanied by a glass of red wine or a Sagres beer!
So, that’s the story of my upcoming adventure. Pleased to meet you all, I hope you enjoy what you are about to read.
I solemnly swear I will try to be healthy (but occasionally naughty.. ok most of the time!), natural and interesting foodie.
– M
 Mel – the first part of my surname, it also means honey in portuguese.
Vittles – a slang american synonym for food and drink.

17 thoughts on “Who is Mel?

  1. I like the way you present your project in a witty yet serious manner. Are you blogging only for pleasure, or is there some more professional objective beyond? Good luck!

    • Thank you so much :). It is mainly for pleasure, but I’m also doing this for an extra experience, maybe one day, who knows, I might write about food professionaly. I would very much like that.

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  5. HI Mel. Like you, I am a confirmed foodie and blogger living in PT, and similarly American-born, but long absent from that mad country. I am also a professional editor and writer; so forgive me, but I have to point out that you should correct an error that is extremely common in writing English. You say, “If you are interested in knowing about carob and a bit of it’s history, please visit my first carob post”. “IT’S History” would mean “It is history”, since the apostrophe is a ‘place holder’ for a missing letter. What you meant was “ITS history” – the history belonging to “it” – in this case, carob. No apostrophe is needed. This is the possessive pronoun. Good luck with the blog. It’s really interesting and full of yummy possibilities. Jude

    • Thank you for your wise words Jude, english isn’t my main language, as I grew up in portuguese schools. I do however try my best, and every so often I learn new stuff about the english language, so I keep getting better! 😉

  6. Hi Mel,

    Your blog looks very yummy indeed! I just sent you a message via Facebook as we’d like to feature you in our December issue. It’s probably in your other inbox. Could you please get back to me or send me your email?

    Many thanks!

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