The life of a girl in a professional kitchen

Currently I have been developing my culinary skills in two different restaurants. Between that, trying to write a few posts ever so often, plus trying to have my daily life of a twenty-three year old in the big city, I have taken on yet another project: writing for the Portugal Resident. Finally, everything that I’ve done so far has shown me that hard work, a little sacrifice, and a ton of passion is the road to success.

Not to long ago I found an article about the typical 23 year old – basically fear of what a young adult can achieve, while wondering through the world and trying to become an adult worth of a little pride, full of drive and hope that tomorrow will be a bright day in every way.

I feel a little sleep deprived, I have also acquired a keen magnetic attraction to ovens and everything hot that can burn. I have at least 5 burns at the moment to prove it. Oh, and I also spent a few hours in the emergency room about two weeks because I sliced off the tip of my thumb. This is all a part of what I knew I was getting into. And, I’m loving every minute of it. Not knowing what awaits me in the kitchen tomorrow, or even in a few weeks time, excites me. Nothing about working in the restaurant business in easy, but it is versatile enough to find what is worth working for and the best part can also be the people that are a part of the venture.

So far, and after six months of wondering how my first steps into the food world would be, nothing could of gone more fluid and in sync with than I could of wished for! In just a few words (ok, maybe a few more than just a few) I can tell you how a young female cook handles her femininity with plenty of dignity while cooking her heart out:

  • There is no time for tv shows, sometimes I have no clue with what is happening in the world. My main source of entertainment is music! Every week, my playlist gets longer and funkier.
  • Having a bad hair day is, like, everyday. Putting it up, braid, whatever, it just ruins it, plus all the hats, scarves that just flatten everything like it has been ironed for ages.
  • My collection of nail polish gains dust while I have no time to even think about getting a manicure. That stuff just isn’t a part of my beauty routine anymore. Chopped and clean has become the new french. Although, a tube of hand cream is always available, as most of the products, plus all that dish washing, can really ruin soft skin.
  • I no longer cook in my own kitchen. It is sad, and true, but working from 9 am till midnight with 3 hours for a shower and a nap – you get my point. None the less, my roommate and I will run to the supermarket if we crave a fresh batch of pancakes or are in desperate need of a warm bowl of stew.
  • Coffee has become my new best friend. Plus, portuguese coffee is the good stuff! That’s why we drink so many of them.
  • Weekends means party time, a bottle of wine, and sleeping in past noon. Come on, I deserve it.
  • Sentimental life is hard to get by with. It’s just, on pause, let’s put it that way.
  • Pampering our beauty needs is somewhat of a novelty now and then. We try to, but don’t always have the time for it!
  • Cleaning up the house and organizing household chours can become a weekly necessity, just to become a bit more relaxed by knowing that clean clothes are available (when it doesn’t rain, of course).
  • Wearing heals? I admire those who have the patience for such. Feet hurt, at all hours, and comfy shoes are a must.
  • Sleeping 8 hours a day would be a dream come true! I’ll just sleep when I’m old, that’s what I keep telling myself every day.
  • Finding time to cook up something new, wether it is for a staff meal or just the sake of using up some leftover egg whites, can become the highlight of the week.
  • Finally, dealing with so many men can become a challenge. Not only the dirty remarks, the stupid jokes, the overprotectiveness they feel is needed toward that female presence, but the fact that we understand that they need us, more than they can imagine. We women rock. And we are definitely capable of managing, multitasking, keeping up a smile and a classy attitude even with all that flour scattered on our aprons.


That’s me, if I were a cartoon housewife cook!

So this goes out to all the girls, women, master queens of the food world. Keep on cooking, inventing, dazzling foodie needs anywhere needed. I will soon post a few of my current projects and some holiday season goodies 🙂


5 thoughts on “The life of a girl in a professional kitchen

  1. It all sounds very demanding. It’s good that it’s your passion. Do try to fit a second one in for balance. Watch your finger tips around those mandolin slicers and when cleaning those rotary slicer blades. 😦

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