Roast Tomato and Eggplant Pasta

Tomato season! Yey!

So from now on starts the tomato post shower, as I have too many tomatoes in my farm, more than I can handle. Gaspacho, tomato sauce, tomato salad, you name it. I’ve had enough lycopen intake to last me the rest of the year.

I’ve meant to post at least once the past two weeks, but I’ve been busy learning about reflex camera settings, and trying my best to take better photos, so you can all drool a bit while reading my posts. It’s the least I can do.


close up with eggplant

This dish is actually going to be my lunch for tomorrow, but heck, it was so yummy and healthy, I ended up nibbling on it anyway. It’s supper healthy and vegetarian acceptable (if you are the cheese eating type).

It all started when too many tomatoes gathered in the laundry room basket on the floor. It always does. My favorite way to eat them is roasted in the oven, so one day I cut them in half, and drenched them in blueberry balsamic glaze, olive oil, salt, and plenty of rosemary and thyme. And to the oven they went, until they were juicy and tender.

tomatoes 2 best

Here are the tomatoes, roasted, they are amazingly beautiful with bread. The olive oil and balsamic glaze sauce is the best bread dipper. Ever.

Back to the main recipe, which is dead easy. Bake whole wheat pasta, thinly slice eggplant and grill with little oil. Mix all together, with the previously baked tomatoes. Simple!

Now, a little nutrition expertise. By combining the tomatoes (with the pulp, seeds, everything) with olive oil and heat, lycopen absorption is enhanced. Super healthy to prevent certain types of cancer (male related) and osteoporoses in menopausal women.

side view board with pasta

whole table pasta

And because cheese is always a must, this one is extra special. Queijo da Ilha we call it, typically from Azores, it is ever so cheap and has an extraordinary taste to it, nutty and strong, goes well with any pasta dish.

The funny thing about these vegetarian meals is, I never used to like vegetables. At all. But I found a way to try to eat everything I didn’t like, and turn it into something I adore.


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