Bacon & Mushrooms

One of the best combinations ever, simple comfort goodness of mouthwatering food. The key to this yummy dish is quality ingredients (as always), so make sure to buy the best bacon, and don’t forget some outstanding mushrooms.

This is no low cal dish, however, healthy substitutes are always a possibility, like whole wheat pasta or light cooking cream (turkey bacon is NOT an option, please cook the real deal).


First of all, and most crucial step, is the sauce. No simple matter of engaging cream with sautéed mushrooms, it’s all about blending the ingredients together, none the less, a simple technique that makes all the difference. Just blend the mix and, well, that’s it. Nothing like enhancing flavors by grinding and destroying food’s cells.

First step: fry the bacon. Now this will get you going! Nothing fancy about this process, just pure maillard baconny smell.

Second step: Take the bacon out of the pan, cut it into pieces (not microscopic), oh and try not to eat it all while you complete the following steps. Or just make some extra, in case you can’t help yourself from nibbling.

Third step: Add some olive oil (if previously cooked bacon is not too fatty), chopped onion, let fry. Slivered fresh garlic and a bay leaf. Fry some more. Add mushrooms, fry for 5 minutes and deglaze with white wine (I use dry Sherry).

Fourth step: Separate half of the mushroom mix.

Fifth step: Add cream to the mixture left in the pan. Lactose intolerants, don’t panic! Soy cream is and excellent substitute, I find it quite enjoyable to cook with. Allow the sauce to heat through, never boil.

Sixth step: Blend what is in the pan, but don’t forget to take the bay leaf out first!

Seventh step: Stir in butter (yes, butter, not that I can’t believe it’s not crap, nor margarine), the remaining mushrooms, salt (if needed) and freshly ground pepper. Take off the burner, add some delightful cheese (my fave is cheddar, roquefort or parmegiano) and more cream until desired consistency. Mix everything with the pasta.



Pasta, grate some more cheese and top with chives. Meritoriously delicious.


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